African Women Empowered has had a profound impact on the African community in Eastern Iowa. The women working in our shop are learning job skills such as inventory, marketing, sales techniques along with the practical skills of sewing and jewelry making. However, our outreach programs have helped many other people in the African community.

  •  English as a Second Language - We have three classes a week and use volunteer teachers. Some of the African students come back to teach others in our classes.
  •  Citizenship - We offer citizenship classes three times a week. We have currently helped 76 people become Naturalized Citizens and have almost 90 applications in process.
  •  Women’s Trauma Group - We meet with a small number of women who have significant mental issues from the atrocities they experienced in Africa. While they were still there, their main concern was existing and finding food, shelter, and safety everyday so their problems remained deep inside. Now that they are safe these issues often come back. We have been able to help them secure counseling and therapy, providing translators and transportation, and help in setting up appointments with therapists who have a passion for this work. We have also held informational meetings on Dealing with Law Enforcement Officers, domestic abuse, and other topics of immediate concern for them. We are now working with other community agencies and will soon be hosting a series of meetings on important topics.
  •  We maintain a benevolence fund to help people as issues arise. In 2017 we were able to give money to a woman to travel to New York for her husband’s funeral, send money to a woman in Africa so she could send her son to school, give a donation towards funeral expenses for an African family who lost their mother after a long battle with cancer, buy medication for a man as he waited to be approved for assistance, and more.